How to make photo charms sterling silver

sterling silver photo charmsSilver Photo charms are the best gift to give your special once. They can be modified according to us. However, they are easy to buy but you can make your own silver photo charm by giving a little effort. They can make a nice accessory when put to a bracelet or necklace. With the help of photo charms, you can take your special memories and movements with you. Making photo charms is easy to craft and fun. And to make photo charms sterling silver you need lobster claws to clasp so that you can attach it to the bracelet or a key ring, necklace. 

Size of photo charms sterling silver 

sterling silver photo charmsThe size of photo charms sterling silver is previously defined in shops. Moreover, you can define and choose the size according to your needs. That what type of photo charms you are going to make and what are the parameters you have set to make it will play an important role in making silver photo charms. While making photo charms of sterling silver you should take care of the size of your pictures, so that you do not face any problem while fitting the pictures in the silver photo charms

Things required in making silver photo charms  

Step 1 

To make silver photo charms you need to measure the right size of charms and photos. Moreover, these two have to be of the same size and parameters. So that you can fix the photo in charm properly, therefore first you have to choose the right size of the photo and charm so that you can fix them both together. Also, cut the photo as per frame shape like if the frame is round then cut the photo in a circle and so on. However, most important is to use a high-quality paper to print the photo. As a result, your charms will look attractive and beautiful. 

Step 2 

In the second step of making silver photo charms is to add photos in the frame. You may need a craft knife to mark the edges on the photo. However, simply mark the edges and don’t cut. Now take the photo out and cut the extra portion that is not important. After that, you can check back if it is fit in the frame or not.  

Benefits of photo charms sterling silver 


Photo charms sterling silver is an impressive and contain low cost in making. However, you can make it your own, order online or buy from any beauty product store. Buying or making both have their own benefits.  


sterling silver photo charmsMoreover, when you make silver photo charms you can choose the size and design for that charm. When you gonna make photo charms sterling silver you have many choices according to your requirements and likes.  

You can order online and buy any silver photo charm at a cheap price. However, while buying online you have many options to select. But while creating it your own you do not have many choices to make photo charms sterling silver


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